Ok, I'm trying to get inspired to work on a new long term D&D 3.5 Campaign for my group.

My current focus / hope for inspiration is a world / campaign map. I hope as the world develops it will help with ideas for fun and new campaigns to be run it.

I will be using primarily Photoshop CS3 to work and have access to Illustrator as well.

I want to generate a basic world map that I will then be able to pick one section of to detail and use for the initial campaign. While having the rest to refer to or use down the road.

I'm using the Render > Clouds filter in PS to generate random land masses since I don't have any specific plans at this point.

My first thing I want to make sure I have right is my scale and size, any suggestions or links to helpful information would be great. This includes Image size / DPI / Scale and anything along these lines I may have forgotten about.

I plan on the main display of the map to be via PC, maybe a few prints but not many.

I'm looking for a semi-realistic world, but will not be looking at tectonics, tides, ect mainly going for cool looking that does not break the suspension of disbelief for your average gamer the first time they look at it.

I hope at least a small part of this made sense.