Taking the experiences I had with my last WIP I started working on the whole map for that region. Gigantomaniac I am, this document is already pretty huge, covering an area about the size of Ireland. If I'm ever going to make a world map, I can only hope that computer technology will have evolved to a level that matches my insanity by then.

I pasted the original basemap of the Six Scorchwise Fiefdoms into it. As expected, there are some visible differences in regards to the colours, but I hope to be able to blend it in. As of now the edges of the original document are still quite visible.

Click image for larger version. 

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Right now I'm working on the general geography with mountains, hills and plains. I am already getting sucked in to making it quite detailed, but you know, if that's where it's taking me, I'm fine with it although I wanted to do a simpler map originally.

Rock on,