Hello wonderful cartographers!

Many moons ago, I submitted a request to make my NationStates dream a reality, and received two absolutely gorgeous topographical and political maps of Zannania, my RP nation. (here and here)

Now, for an upcoming election RP, as well as for personal use, I'd like to request a map made using the political map of Zannania (that's the new spelling). Ideally, I'd like it to be in a format easily changed on Paint, as it would be a map of the constituencies for the National Parliament. During election coverage, the map of Zannania would be slowly filled in based on the seats won by the various parties. I'd really appreciate it if someone would take this on; I obviously have no idea if this is true, but it doesn't seem like this would be so difficult a project, as the outline of the country is already there. I'm giving the cartographer basically carte blanche to do what they want with the rest. The basic guidelines for this map would be as follows:

1. The map must have the correct number of constituencies that logically fit in with the layout of the administrative map of Zannania. Here's the layout of Parliamentary districts according to province (Name of Administrative District (Abbreviation) - Capital City - Number of parliamentary districts):

Aeocypta (AC) - Sekurahaveno - 9
Lyrocia (LY) - Pontia Bertoldo - 6
Vaca Ligeria (VL) - Villaquerano - 12
Eloryas Cho (EC) - Tybesa - 15
Bronecana (BR) - Nicostium - 9
Upper Lilac Islands (UL) - Frynesa - 7
Lower Lilac Islands (LL) - Jyaporta - 8
Niropa (NI) - Ersiladium - 7
Japosyia (JP) - Ambergrove - 13
Cinolia (CN) - Paoulim - 8
Dectarium (DT) - Saltuscedro - 7
Rhodepthesis (RH) - Thenys - 10
Haelaria (HL) - Paphniropolis - 9
Mavia (MV) - Girardi - 7
Tripecia (TP) - Portus Neopoldo - 8

2. The map should be easily changeable, as ultimately I want this to be an outline that I can use for all future election RPs. I want to be able to take the saved picture file, put it in Paint, and fill in colors of the districts according to the party that occupies that seat. Here's pretty much an exact example what I'm looking for.

3. The aesthetic of the map should be at the same level as my other maps (that is, it should not look too terribly different from my other maps).

Other than that, I am not a picky person at all, and find the beauty in the craftsmanship of most everything, especially maps that have been worked on by dedicated cartographers such as those who frequent this forum, so I pretty much guarantee that whatever you submit would tickle me pink. Again, I would very much appreciate help on this. Thank you!