I am an italian writer, I have published already 2 fantasy novels (in italian: "Il Signore dei Corvi", literally "The Lord of Ravens", and "Il Sangue dell'Immortale", literally "The Blood of the Immortal") and a 3rd going to be finished, who will complete the trilogy. As I love fantasy worlds with a full background, I wrote and drawn a lot for it. But mostly was with Photoshop, I did try CC3 but I really feel like a novice with it, I see so many talented cartographers and I see I have lot of work to do. Now I am planing, with friends, to make a fantasy RPG supplement with the books material, but as I will need some city map (and maybe a better map of the full region) I am stuck with the maps, once again. Sigh!
I am here hoping to learn more about map-making... And also to find someone to collaborate with to make what I need (not for free, of course). If someone may ever be interested into this, just write me a PM and we may try to reach an agreement.
Thanks for your reading and hope to hear from someone of you!