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Thread: The Planet Charlen

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    I'm liking this! The background really adds to the effect and I like the inclusion of the stars. Are they a part of the system or nearby stars? It might be my monitor, but I'm finding difficult to read some of the grey text against the star-field without a lot of zooming beyond the native resolution of the image.
    Just to be picky (and improve the final product), It's is short for it is and so in phrases such as "It's diameter is..." you need "Its diameter is..." instead. Keep up the good work!

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    What star does Charlen orbit? Where does that star lie in relation to the other stars depicted? Is the starfield based on an actual view from near Charlen, or is it an underlying starmap?

    Answers to these questions would make the image overall more useful. In any case this has a nice pamphlet or cover page feel to it.

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