Hey everybody

I spent the last two days making the landmasses, those small islands are terrible to do! I know there isn't much to judge, but I thought I'll post it anyway
By the way, I wanted to make some fancy parchment with the text and nice borders and all, but I still lack experience and skill.

Two things I'd like to say...

First: the world is hollow, I guess most of you know how it works. In this system there are two holes where the poles should be. The thing is: citizens (most of them?) don't know it. Basically, a ship could travel to inner earth without even noticing it (except for mirages seen on the point where the two suns meet). Climate, temperature and all other things are also modified, but I really don't care a lot (at least not now) since it is a fantasized version of our Earth.

Second: english is not my language (actually a friend of mine did the description for me, thank you man!), so tell me if there are any errors.

(There are no names deliberately)
(Oh yes, if someone could point me into the right directions on how to make those wonderful borders...)

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