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    So I thought it was strange how so many doors are easily penetrated by the party because they were able to pick a lock or kick the door down. I also thought that the idea of a one-way door was bizarre and so I wondered how it could be executed. After some thought I came up with the idea of a revolving stone door. Depending on the position of the door, the party can or cannot get through no matter how much fiddling with locks they want to do. The only real solution is either magic or using a pickaxe to dig through the stone surrounding the doors themselves, which would take a while. The legitimate means of activating these doors is a mechanical switch of some kind, like a lever or a pressure plate. This way, controlling flow in your dungeon can be a whole lot simpler. So, for your consideration, here are some revolving cylindrical doors:


    The doors are available in the following colors: red, blue, yellow, green, teal, purple, orange, normal (as shown above), and gray.

    Revolving Door Hallways:
    So I figured that a sort of intersection set for these would be helpful. This way if you want only a certain two-four points to be connected at a given time then you can use these to help.


    Download Link:
    For Cylinder Doors and the Revolving Door Hallways
    For Just Cylinder Doors
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