Hello, Cartographer's Guild! My name is Jkat718, usually shortened to Kat or Jkat. I'm very new to mapping and cartography as a whole, but I'm willing to learn the hard way. I first started looking into mapping when I was trying to find good random country generators, and was referred here. I play D&D 3.x, although my current group sticks to strictly 3e. We are a group of 8 (7 players, 1 DM), and have a rotating DM assignment. We all write our own campaigns, but use random generators for most aspects of the game. I've been playing D&D for three years, and have been doodling around with image editing software for a few years before that. I will probably tend to make city maps and battlemaps, as those are what my group needs most, but I really like making continent maps. Cheers, Jkat.