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Thread: RPG map requests.

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    Default RPG map requests.

    Hello and Well met.
    As a Veteran DM/GM and writer, world building has always been something of a particular niche for me. I write predominantly fantasy/fiction works and have always been a fan of the genre. For a long time I’ve used Visio and map generators to provide a more picturesque view point to players, but now I’m looking to commission some finite content because I have some very steady members I’d like to treat.

    Onto the task at hand: I run/own a private RPG forum, based on D&D 3.5 and modern. I’m currently seeking new artistic talent to create some more visually immersing bits for my players to follow during campaigns so I’m not the only one who knows the map.

    I have a number of projects I’d like to work on but the first will be more of a collaboration between other commissions, rendering and some concept art just to get a finished product. In the near future I would also like to work on some entirely brand new designs. For now here’s a glimpse of my first few projects.

    Academy campus map.
    The idea behind this map is pretty simple. I’m looking for a 2d isometric view of the entire campus layout. Allot of the project is already fleshed out, but requires a cohesive structuring and final drawing(s) I’m looking to do this in parts; “Overview map”, ”Specific section close-ups.”
    Currently have:
    • Placement nodes
    • Concept art sketches
    • 3d isometric rendering
    • Detailed notes
    • Visio maps
    • Fully named, labeled and coordinated

    Pangea shaped Semi biblical historical map.
    This one is for an RPG maker game I have in the works and is the first of a few such needed visuals to help aide the game’s progression. Highly a work in progress, allot of research has been done to gather some of the ancient names and places that existed or could have existed during the timeline the story takes place. The pangea a map may lead into, town maps, scenery maps, and a whole lot of other later projects. But right now I’m only looking for an “overview landmark map”
    Currently have:
    • Charts
    • Locations
    • Names
    • Research text
    • Notes
    • Code names, still in a sketch- phase.

    Locations for quest /mission sequences.
    This is either a series of short maps, or a larger collaboration of specific area maps. Based roughly off a modern Japanese city-scape, our forum divides certain instances of RP into rough “Locations”. In a nutshell it will be an overview of places that the players can go to and or have visited before, almost like a mall directory. This project can potentially lead into more specific terrain and structure maps as well. All that’s needed right now is a “hierarchy” or “ rough outline map”
    Currently have:
    • Detailed notes
    • Can whip up some visio drawings on request.
    • Mapquests
    • Names, locations
    • Research links

    I can work on all of these at the same time or just one; neither is of more importance than the other at this point in time. Though I’d prefer to work on the Locations map simply because we have been rping that the most at the moment. I’m seeking a confident, professional, and patient individual or individuals interested in helping me realize my goals. Discussion of pricing and details would be preferred over email or an instant messenger later.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Edit: Hey there, I wasn't sure if like my forum you can email someone directly from the post or not, but I can be reached by:, thanks for viewing.
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    An e-mail address would be very appreciated...

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    I don't suppose anyone has done the maps for the D&D 3.5 'Dragons of Autumn' module have they?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosDragon View Post
    I don't suppose anyone has done the maps for the D&D 3.5 'Dragons of Autumn' module have they?
    Do you want to make a specific request? It doesn't seem to belong to this thread.

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    Thank you for all your your replies and emails, I've found some great contacts, for my requests and this thread can now be closed. I'll be back again soon after my projects are done with more ideas and other projects.

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