Hi guys! Less than a year ago I joined the forums because I wanted to start making professional battlemaps. I gave a quick hello, talked about my aspirations, and posted a few of my rough works.

I got a LOT of feedback at that time, mostly "this looks great, keep going!" type of stuff, but really all sorts of comments. The support was really welcoming.

Now, we've got over 50 completed maps, an online atlas, and far more professional maps. I swing by occasionally to mention what I've recently finished and post pictures, but these days I get almost no responses. '1000 view, 0 replies.' type of stuff.

I'll usually get 1-2 "this looks great" posts, especially from mods and very avid forumgoers, but nowhere NEAR the normal amount of comments. Right alongside my posts, I'll see people getting started posting 'my first map' stuff and it'll have that same great community support, and I'm really curious why. My friend (also an artist) says he's noticed the same type of response on his art once his work became professional. People simply don't comment, or they'll hold normal support and only mention criticisms.

Perhaps a sense that professional artists aren't interested in your opinion? If so, why would I bother posting it at all?

Or is it perhaps that the work no longer seems like a first-hand source getting posted directly on the forums, but instead work reposted from somewhere else?

Either way I'm not complaining, please don't misunderstand, I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed a similar change in reactions and what they believe it might be.