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    Map Fun with office floor plan

    Project scope
    Our company has recently added an internal map view of our headquarters building, which is overlaid with icons so you can find out where people sit. I'm part of a satellite office with just a handful of employees. We don't have a floor plan in this tool yet (we really don't need one), but we'd love to create a classical fantasy style map representing our office.

    Lots of room for flexibility here. My team all enjoy fantasy books and love any typical map from that genre. In general I'm thinking that all open floor space in the map (attached) is water, with the desks along the side representing land masses. We have a couple of other areas (lounge, kitchen, conference rooms) that I'd like to have stylized as different areas as well. I'd also love to add fun names to areas, like "IT closet of doom" (but obviously with better names). I'd like to provide a base set of names, but there's room for creativity there too, if you're interested. I imagine/hope there will be some back and forth as we iron out the details before you jump in.

    Number of maps
    Just 1! It will be online only, no print needed.

    Current internal maps are 950px across by by 560px high. Our office dimensions are skewed longer on one side, I've attached a dimensionally accurate floor plan.

    Time constraints
    None, really! Would like to have it sooner rather than later, but there is no rush for this.

    Flexible. I've never posted here before and am not sure how this typically happens. A quick look around says that $150 reasonable. But let me know if I'm way out of line!

    Remains with cartographer. This map will only be used internally. I'd like reproduce as needed for personal and use inside our company. Additionally, I plan on occasionally modifying the map so we can add icons and descriptive text on top of it. But we won't be using it in any commercial setting.

    Contact details
    This thread or I hope this is enough information to get some attention. If not, let me know! We're hoping to keep this fun and lighthearted and hope it's fun to work on as well.

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    I'd be interested in taking this project on and my schedule is open. Feel free to check out my website in my signature for examples of my work. :-)
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    Thanks cereth! I've got a few great leads right now, but I'm happy to get more than one take on this project. I'll respond here if I end up looking for more.

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