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    My name is Moshe Malyevshevsky, I was born in Israel & served in the IDF in the 1973 War & in Lebanon, then immigrated to Pennsylvania in the USA. I am a retired archeologist (Egyptology), and a widower with two grown-up daughters (one in Korea & the other in the USA).

    I enjoy wargaming in 25mm/28mm for ECW, 7YW, Ancients & WoTR. I also game LGDR & WoTR by Agema Games. I always have maps made for me to use in the Agema Games in CC3 (historical maps)! LGDR & WoTR are two giant historical PBEM games, one set in the 18th Century & the other set in the 15th Century!

    I enjoy Aikido (16 years) & Kendo (12 years), skydiving, quiet dinners at a nice pub or tavern, and reading.....with my favorite being sci fi, historical & fantasy fiction. My most favorite authors are Andre Norton & Ruth Downie. For historical works I enjoy various ancient Greek & Roman authors.

    Well, thats me, generally calm & collected, methodical & analytical,, but, I can be upset sometimes. Glad to be here!

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    Welcome aboard Moshe!!
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    As one new member to another, welcome.
    Ravells, he uses them for various war games. I don't know what any of the abbreviations actually are, but I think he prints out large maps and places miniatures on them.

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    Moshe, welcome to the Guild! Glad to see you made it over from the CC mailing list.

    I removed your email address from your post because it is generally a bad idea to post email addresses where bots can easily find them and hit you with a ton of spam. You can set your email address in your profile under the User CP and others can then use that link to send you emails. Just watching out for our users.
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    Welcome to the Guild, Moshe, I had a look at the Agema games site, the War of the Roses looks very interesting, what with 19 years of design experience behind it.
    There are a few historical maps, perhaps Napoleonic, posted here, that may suit your taste.
    Once a gain welcome and enjoy your musings about.
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    Welcome to the guild!
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    Welcome to the Guild, Moshe.

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