Hello everyone! I've just started using GIMP and decided to learn how to do battlemaps (including drawing my own tokens - but that will have to wait). This here is a part one of the introductory adventure from the Dungeons and Dragons 4e Dark Sun Campaign Setting book. There will be two (one also in the outdoors and one will be in the tomb) more battlemaps to follow this one. I am still learning how to do stuff and am fully aware that rocks look bad, cart marks don't even look like cart marks and the palm tree looks too out of place and nothing looks like it should look. I know all that, but need to learn on how to improve things. So if anyone have advice - please don't hesitate to share it with me. I use GIMP mostly.

Here is the sad sad version with explanation of what people are actually looking at.
*Silt is difficult terrain.

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Here is a clean version, with no grid (because most VTTs have their own).
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