So I'm back at trying to tackle running water as an effect within a cavern.

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First step: Ya have to have a source.

For this map I came up with the idea of having a pool at one end of the cave that was the source of an underground spring. Water would bubble up (have no idea how to indicate that) and flow along a well-worn channel in the cavern floor .

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Creating the effect of a sunken channel on the cavern floor wasn't that hard. I -think- that I achieved the effect that I was going for. I also added a water effect and some highlights to suggest that the water is more shallow on the edges and deeper in the center.

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I'm not happy with the end result. I like the map (without the water). I'm stating to use a new technique on my wall-shadows to add darkness around the contours and then feathering and 'smearing' the color back from the edge.

What do you think?