New to cartographers. First map started as a sketch, then brought into photoshop.

I think I bit off more than I could chew with this pangea world. Started well, now running into problems.

Problems and waverings now include; perspective, icons (symbolic) vs. real (representative) style, black lines (inking) over the color, how to draw forests, cities as dots, topography overall (I only placed mountains but didn't really think through the rest of the topography), etc...

The upper right area of the map is the most finished. Tried two types of forests. Neither are really working well for me. I inked over the mountains in that area. Not sure how well that's working compared the non-inked mountains.

Love to hear your thoughts. I'm thinking of bailing on this big map now, or maybe taking a few steps, mate big steps, back to rethink a few things before proceeding.

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p.s. Apologies if my forum etiquette is lacking. First original post. Is there a size limit to the size of files uploaded to the forum?