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Thread: Greybeard Island- Charting is finished, but the adventure is just beginning.

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    Default Greybeard Island- Charting is finished, but the adventure is just beginning.

    I included this in my member introduction thread but wanted to also place it into the finished maps category.
    Started as a project for my daughter, it became something more and showed me how much fun cartography is. Although this is my first map- I have many more that will be posted here in the coming weeks. And of course, new maps are always in progress.
    This is Graybeard Island, located somewhere in the south Pacific. You can almost plot its exact location by backtracking a course from the illustrated far-off locations.
    Full of danger, adventure and beauty, Graybeard Island is the base of operations for the pirate Graybeard, whose ship, "The Falcon of the Sea" prowls the waters of this part of the world, attaining plunder and lending assistance to all peoples who have chosen to live out from under the rule of imperial and colonial stooges. The ship (Junk) depicted at the top center of the map (The Dancing Dragon) is own by Capt. Graybeard but is consigned to and captained by Captain Ming, who prowls the waters of the orient with same creed and purpose of Graybeard. Regular visits by Capt. Ming ensure a steady influx of exotic and rare items from the orient.

    As a side note of interest, my daughter and wife contributed to the map in that my daughter drew the compass, the small figures located on the ship in Plunder Bay, at the start of the Treasure Trail, and the Natives. My wife drew the Stormy Sea Octopus.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Treasure Map.pdf  
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    a pleasant and unusual full hand drawn style, nice and refreshing

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