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Thread: The World of Industa [V5]

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    Default The World of Industa [V5]

    Hello folks!

    In this thread I want to ( and obviously will ) show you the fifth version of my world called Industa.
    I call it fitfh version because I work on that world for almost a decade now and it seems I won't ever stop doing that.
    This is also my first try of creating a topographical map with some height layers above ocean level and some under it.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Industa V5.jpg 
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    I hope you like it and give me some criticism!

    PS: If you can't see the picture ( me neither for some strange reasons )
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    Is it a finished map?

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    For it's only use to show heights I'd say yes...

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    I can see the picture but you can also upload it here. I would not recommend sharing a file publicly with Dropbox.

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    re- uploaded it here.

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    I like your land shapes a lot! Especially the large central continent, it looks really interesting. But I must say, at the size you're drawing this, there's room for much more detail. It would be more useful (to someone who needs to know the heights) to see more levels. You could probably show every 500 meters or so. The steps are irregular too, now – 400, 500, 1400 and 1100 – which is quite confusing

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    Yeah I think I will redo the map again.
    And I actually started it by playing around with the ocean!
    what do you think?

    PS: I think this thread should be in WIP section now!

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