Well this challenge really intrigued me and I decided I would try my hand at it.

The idea behind it is that the poor souls who have been judged to spend the rest of eternity in torment arrive through a portal (not yet depicted) in the southwest section of the land mass. once they enter they are immediately met with the smell of sulfur and boiling blood, intense heat, and hideous demons as far as the eye can see who are wielding whips and various jagged and unsanitary devices. These demons herd the poor unfortunates toward the center of the land where they will face yet another judgement. Where in Hell do we put you? There are different levels of evil deeds one can commit in their lifetime so there are different levels of torture you will face for the rest of eternity. after what seems like years of being whipped and chopped and slashed and pulled out of line to let a group of demons have their way with you, you arrive at the base of a giant volcano. this volcano doesn't spew molten lava, Oh no, after you are judged you are forced to enter where your soul is ripped to pieces and mixed with all the pieces of souls from every other miscreant that committed evil in their lifetime. after stewing in this filth for years you are reassembled and you flow down the side of the mountain into your place of torture for the rest of eternity where you are plucked out of the rivers by demons with giant meat hooks. The volcano (i've yet to come up with a nice name for it yet) supplies a steady flow of hot blood to the four rivers that empty into the crimson red ocean. The land itself spins slowly counter clockwise keeping the blood ocean from scabbing over.

Now that i've thoroughly scared myself heres what i plan to do next. i plan on finishing the mountains, labeling the areas, and adding some depictions of the demons and what not in the corners as well as some flavor text in the space between the circular border.

### LATEST WIP ###
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