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Thread: First World Map Project

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    Help First World Map Project

    I will be posting my progress of my first map using Gimp. I have been running the same campaign for over 2 years. This is the starting map that I want to upgrade. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	King Darius World Map.png 
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ID:	63133 I am going to attempt to use RobA's Tutorial, unless someone has a better solution.

    In addition, the political structure of my campaign is Feudalism. So I also need to create several maps with Feudal Boundaries.

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    The layout and geography of your land is not too bad... though the colours are eye cancer inducing.

    It will be interesting to see your new version.

    Rob's style is very well suited to such a colourful approach, though for a political map, you might want to look for some less detailed styles.

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    It's okay for a first try; however, your colours are shockingly bright and saturated, the actual features are too simple (both map and icons) and the rivers seem to be following some very unusual paths; I'm sure that if you rectify these problems it'll come along well, though.

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    It looks like, in order to make the forest, you found a forest tile and filled a selection with it. If you want to get a more natural-looking forest, make a brush of a single tree (or a group, but a single tree would probably work better) and draw in the forest with that.

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