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Thread: Wood map desighn concept 1st and 2nd

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    Info Wood map desighn concept 1st and 2nd

    Here are two Images of the map concept. (I'm working with whatever scraps I can get my hands on for the design) The map is stylized so the the 1/4 mdf wood veneer can support it without being too fragile. So accuracy is out but I'm looking for visual appeal as the purpose of the map. One of these images is just the stained veneer without finish the other is brush leaf over the continents and elements also without finish. I was wondering which version appealed more to you. I'll also be posting a third version before to long with gold leafed longitude and latitude lines to view the effects of that. Once again I'm looking for visual appeal so any comments or tips on the design and style would be welcome as well. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Map 1 Gold elements.jpg 
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Name:	map 1 plain wood and stain.jpg 
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    I think they're both nice, but the gold leaf helps set the actual map off from the background, which I think is more effective.

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    I agree with Pineapple. The gold allows you to highlight the pattern selectively.
    Is this just going to be a digital image, or are you actually planning to make this?

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    Another vote for the gold leaf. If you're thinking about doing the longitude and latitude lines in gold as well, maybe don't color the corner ornaments. It'll separate the design into map vs non-map by color. Just a thought.

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    As flocko mentioned, the gold leaf separates the map by color. What this means that if you apply gold leaf to the graticule as well as the land masses, then you will have the same problem as if you didn't apply any leafing, wherein you can't discern the continents. I think that leafing the land masses and elements alone is probably the way to go.

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    As a reply to Zack. Yes these will be milled by me. The final product will be 36x48 inches and 1/2 inch thick. When I was talking about the lines; that design will only have the gold leaf on the lines. If I get time to complete that version it should be up in a few days. So yes this will be a product rather than a digital image.

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