Hello everyone, this is my world of Ethiedus. I've scaled it down by half from the actual size. I've recently used two tutorials on this map, one for making mountains and one for making forests. I'm running into some snags with my water - specifically, where to put it, ESPECIALLY the rivers... ohhhh gods the rivers. :\ I made my first go at rivers and lakes invisible and started over, but this is as far as I have gotten and it's getting pretty frustrating, so I thought I would take a step back and see what kind of advice I could get here. I'm not sure I'm satisfied with the mountains I have, either... And the color of the land bugs me, I can't figure out a great way to color the land appropriately. So now it's kind of monochrome. I've been working hard on the map for several months, dedicating a few hours here and there along the way, and there are some things about it I love, but I think I'm hitting the limits of my current abilities! This is my first map making project, tied in to a novel I'm writing. The map is still very very WIP and I expect it'll look a lot different by the time I'm done. Help me figure out how to fix my issues please!

Link to map