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Max is one cartographer who needs no introduction. Though he's been here for just over a year he has quickly risen through the ranks as one of the most talented and prodigious cartographers the Guild has to offer. While it is the case that just about every one of the (many) maps he has displayed here merits a privileged place in the Cartographers Choice Hall of Fame, some are of particular distinction. Vardenia & Urenia is one such map. With this map Max has captured with impressive skill a style of mapping a half a millennium old. The attention to detail spent on this map is admirable and inspiring. Well done Max, you have set the bar for us once again!

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Hey guys,
Here is one of my latest personal work, the map of Vardenia and Urenia and the map of the city of Septentia. On this one, I wanted to map fictional regions trying to recreate (as best as I can) something close to late 16th century old maps style, with its flaws, its inconsistencies and typographical approximations and specifical geographic elements. I also wanted to add a map of small city in a bird's eye style, widely used in the style of that time (although usually separated from regional or continental maps). I used an odd combination of (approximate) latin and some "fake" language close to italian and a bit of spanish to label it. Anyway it was quite fun to do and I hope you'll like it!
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