I just read this article about how the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is following in the Footsteps of Dr. John Snow to develop maps to help the aid workers track the progression of the ebola virus.
Tracking an Ebola Outbreak in a City Without Maps

According to the links the group uses OpenStreetMaps to develop the maps.
"Within 12 hours of contacting the online group, Guéckédou's digital maps had exploded into life. Nearly 200 volunteers from around the world added 100,000 buildings based on satellite imagery of the area, including other nearby population centres. "It was amazing, incredible. I have no words to describe it. In less than 20 hours they mapped three cities," says de Laborderie."
Online army helps map Guinea's Ebola outbreak - tech - 11 April 2014 - New Scientist

I had not heard of this group of effort before but I found it very interesting and plan on doing more research, however I thought that the community might be interested in learning about it. If any of the guild have personal experience with the group I'd be interested in hearing their stories.