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    Hello everyone,

    I can say that I was rather lucky to find this site, because I accidentally clicked on a link leading to this website (not kidding) and was about to leave it forever when a little voice inside my head told me to explore a little, and sure enough, I was stunned to actually see a site dedicated to map making!

    Well anyway, I have been making maps (hand drawn) ever since I could hold a pencil correctly, and over the years have progressed somewhat in my map making skills. My latest project is the most complex I've done ever, and it is a complete redesign of my real life tumbleweed-ridden and cobweb infested ghost town into a sprawling metro area. How I will turn this town upside down, I don't know. Maybe I will have to become dictayor (dictator/mayor, mwahahahaha...) and increase sales tax and property tax to say, around 3000 percent (doesn't sound too bad, does it?)

    I'm also looking forward to joining this forum because my computer generated maps, quite frankly, suck. In case something ever happens to my hand-drawn maps, I want digital versions of them so that way my seven-year old sibling cannot tear my maps up or use them as makeshift tissues. When get good enough to make decent looking maps, I will start posting them. But for now, for me it's sticking to the old pen and paper method.

    I hope that I can contribute to this awesome community in some manner! It's nice to meet all of you

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    Welcome to the Guild. There is a large proportion of members who love hand drawn maps, you will fit right in. Don't worry about getting good before posting. Post what you have & people here will help you get better.

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