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Thread: Pretty New, Would Appreciate Feedback

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    Map Pretty New, Would Appreciate Feedback

    This is maybe the third map I have done. They are all props for a role playing game. I know the fonts could be a little more (modern) user friendly, but having the players decipher the place names is going to be part of the campaign and I used slightly less friendly fonts as a design choice.

    I do feel that some of my larger labels are not blurred enough, but I put all my labels on a single layer and now if I try to blur more, the smaller ones get washed out. If you can give me insight on that it would be great.

    Any other comments or feedback are appreciated.

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    Hello jason, the general ambiance of your map is really nice! For you label issues maybe you can duplicate the layer with the labels in it, erase the smaller labels or use a mask in the new layer (select the larger labels, revert selection and erase the others) then apply an effect on them. Maybe you could also add a few details to the coastlines?

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    I like it. However I do thin that in places the map is far too dark, particularly around the borders. This may part of the reason you are having legibility issues with the labels.


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    I agree with Arsheesh. I think lowering the contrast of the texturing would help alot.

    for the label issue, you could duplicate the label layer then delete the larger labels on one and the smaller labels on the other leaving you with two separate label layers you can play with.

    Its looking pretty good keep it up
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