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Thread: Atlantis (Rifts RPG) Seeking advice on final tweaks and fine-tuning

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    Map Atlantis (Rifts RPG) Seeking advice on final tweaks and fine-tuning

    Fellow cartographers, I present my pre-release draft of the continent of Atlantis from the Rifts RPG. Atlantis lies in the mid-north Atlantic and is a land ruled by the quasi-lovecraftian Splugorth and their monstrous minions.

    I'm using GIMP, WILBUR, and Inkscape to make this map. I'm also using several Arsheesh tutorials, though I tend to throw in a number of variations.

    Anyway, I've been plugging away on this project for just over 3 weeks, and I've reached the point where I can't think of anything else to add. I've been looking at the same image for so long that I suspect I may be missing something. So please take a look. Please note that Photobucket tends to display at 1/3 resolution or worse, so a few of the labels may be difficult to read.
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