So I finally completed my first release from my Kickstarter I ran last summer, a set of 100 map objects for general fantasy use with plants, furniture and assorted goodies in my photorealistic style. They are available as PNG files with Alpha channel at 72, 100 and 300 ppi - the latter size for use in published and printed maps.

I am now beginning a 250 map object set as Expanded Fantasy and Exotic Settings in the same scale and format. In order to get 250 objects created and still be manageable, I will create 25 objects for 10 different categories, 2 of the categories are Undersea Coral & Plantlife, and Sea Life (50 total). Although I have the Coral & Plantlife objects done, I wanted to redo my crab (as it currently sucks). I redid the image as a 3D model using Nendo, my preferred subdivisional surface modeler, exported in 3DS format, imported to Raydream Studio and rendered. I created the textures in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 9, my preferred graphics/mapping app.

Here's my crab - looks good, huh?

Click image for larger version. 

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