Recently me and my play group have decided that we wanted to move more toward an online system for gaming since we have been playing the same campaign over the course of two years but have barely put a dent on it mainly because there are always scheduling conflicts, people have car trouble so they can't drive to the place the game is hosted, etc. So we decided we'd start using Roll 20 which will hopefully allow us to all meet together to game without having to worry about leaving our individual homes as over the years we have drifted to all corners of our state so there isn't one location that is within equal distance for all of us. So we each have our own system that we DM/GM for and I happen to be the Star Wars Guy. I had a campaign which was our longest running and most played sessions we have ever had in the history of table top gaming which was in Star Wars Saga Edition, which was the last game we played before this Pathfinder campaign and since then Edge of the Empire has come out and it is an awesome system that has sort of inspired me to go back to my old campaign and start transferring my maps into Roll 20. But I am putting so much work into these maps that I wanted to share them with the community but noticed they only seem to pull maps from dunjini and this forum here so I figured I'd join up and share my maps as I create higher resolution versions of them, as they are mostly just hand drawn pencil sketches at this point in time. So I wanted to say hello and I look forward to sharing my creations with you all and trying to utilize my photoshop skills to hopefully make some good maps that many people can use.