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Thread: Ducking Out (Mostly) From The Site

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    Info Ducking Out (Mostly) From The Site

    I'd just like to thank everyone for a nice experience here; it's a very fine forum and I think it does a lot of good.

    I'll drop back in every once in a while to see what's been up, but if I seem unresponsive in any of the threads I've recently been active in, everything's cool; I've just faded away a bit

    Best to everyone; this place rocks.

    S. John Ross Ghalev
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcana View Post
    Nooo!!!! Don't leave!
    I'm not (wouldn't dream of it) ... just scaling back the frequency of my visits. I just posted this thread so that if anyone posts a question or comment on one of my posts and then notices that I don't answer for days or weeks (or at all), it isn't that I'm ignoring them -- I'm just not checking in regularly anymore and not following threads, per se.

    I'll still drop in a couple of times per month to check out the latest and Rep the good stuff and other things like that; I'm just phasing out the checking-in-several-times-a-week part

    S. John Ross Ghalev
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