Hi, I'm a new member, so please forgive me if this question has been previously addressed. I should also add that while I know my way around photoshop a little, I am new to using it for mapping purposes.

My questions is regarding the PS brush "sketchy_cartography_brushes_by_starraven...". I have seen a lot of people use it for their mapping and am having a little trouble with something. I've noticed that the default sizes of the brushes look fantastic, but when you attempt to increase their size they lose clarity. I am trying to create a regional map that is quite detailed and want to increase the size of forests, hills, and so forth but would like them to appear as great as they do in their default size. Therefore, my question is simply - is there a way to make them larger without losing quality, and if so - how?

Thanks very much in advance - and again I apologize if this is a rather "nubie" question.