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    I have a small Hobby company that I publish materials for a RPG through.

    Currently I am developing ships for an RPG called Traveller. Later projects will be for other Scifi and Fantasy settings. All based on OGL game systems.

    Production goals: I plan to produce 1 supplement ever 3 months.

    Commission Type: Paid, please send me a PM to discuss rates. I would prefer a royalty with option to purchase outright after an initial period.

    Style: See attachment. this is a low rez 100 dpi map from the sample version of the ship.

    Description of Map: These will be starship, space stations, and vehicles for an RPG called Traveller. They will be based on the MGP Traveller Rules set.

    Quality & Size
    I'm looking for a finished Professional look. I want them to look like someone actually put some time and effort into them. Traveller ships have been for far too long crude line drawings that even a 6 year old could improve upon with MS Paint. I don't what to continue this trend with my products.
    I plan to publish then in two formats one optimized for screen viewing, the other for printing. The screen view will be landscape 11" x 8.5", the printer friendly will be 8.5" 11" and page ordered to be painted double sided at 11" x 17".

    Dimensions of map: 2x maps one for screen viewing the other for the printer friendly 8.5 x 11 inch pages. I will also want Section Cuts of the maps for detailed viewing along side the section descriptions.

    Copyright: Copy rights will belong to D. B. Game Design. The artist will retain, and D. B. Game Design acknowledges, the right to display the maps for purposes of self promotion (that includes WIPing on this board).
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Page 4.pdf  
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