Hi there cartographers
I'm a self-published writer (and published for short stories) and I've written the first book in a fantasy series and need a map to go inside.
I have done a rough map on CC3, but I'm not the greatest with the software and in addition I'm looking for something in black and white that can be printed on the pages of hardcopies and will be more easy to see on e-readers.
My map is here

and the style I more had in mind was towards the Westeros maps or this

Since the continent is wide, it will likely be necessary to split into two maps and have them fit over two pages and I would like the map to be at least 300dpi but possibly higher than that.

No time limits on this, I'd rather wait for a better result than rush it

Copyright wise, I would like reproduction rights to the map for my books and ebooks

My email is ryan_mccall--at--writeme.com