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Hiya, folks! I'm trying to find (or just make myself) a steel pattern-welded tileable texture for a project I'm working on. I've googled Pattern Welded Steel and Damascus Steel. I get many pictures of fantastic-looking blades, but virtually no nice tileables. I might be able to make a tileable out of small snippets of a picture, but the size would have to be small, and my methods for tiling (double the dimensions, duplicate the layer, flip it and move it to the other side, repeat untill all four quadrants are full) tends to have odd symmetry lines.

Any tips on how I could find or make one myself? I was thinking that I could experiment with applying a variety of distort effects to an already-tileable steel texture. Alternately, I could try some kind of two-tone pattern, desaturate it, and go to town on the distorts. I'd also appreciate tips on making a texture seamlessly tileable without having lots of symmetry lines that I get from my reflection-based techniques.