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Thread: The Known World: at the time of Ankan, by TheRedEpic

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    Map The Known World: at the time of Ankan, by TheRedEpic

    Been a while since i posted, mostly since i have been incredibly busy do to a cross country move (SC to Portland, OR). I've been working on a bunch of different assignments, board games, small maps, large ones, etc. Recently I have been signed for a Plaid Hat Boardgame, and by Impact books to put out a "How to draw fantasy maps" book. Can't ell you much other than that, but its been a pretty exciting time.

    Anyway, here is a map i just finished a few days ago for Giudo de Palma, an independent author. It was fun, and is interesting since i had to provide a flattened version with alterable text (He is Italian). Hope you like it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Huh, I remember making the reverse cross country move (Oregon to SC) several years back. Might take a while to get used to the rain but you've come at a good time, Oregon in the Summer is a sight to behold. Oh, nice map too btw.


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    Just splendid little map. I hope we see more of you soon again.

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