This will be a seven continent world map, with various islands surrounding the land masses. One large island will be shortly off the coast of one of the continents.

In a top-down view, similar to the layout of our world map. The area where Greenland is placed will be the continent that has the large island nearby. Except the Europe and Asia areas will be separated. The world's water will be laid out just as our's are: four oceans and a few lakes here and there.

The continents are named (Continent/Our world):
Alveria - North America
Forschen - Africa
Ugrada - Europe
Valkyria - Greenland (Iceland will be the island)
Senzar - South America
Oresona - Asia
Ibon - Australia
[None of the bodies of water have names]

The planet is called Noeh.

This is a very rough, rushed idea of what I'm thinking:
The black lines show where the lands are to be split.

The continents do not need to be sectioned off into countries, and we don't want any of the fantasy continents to be in the exact same shape as the Earth continents (i.e. Mexico's curled tip we want straightened or removed on the fantasy map).

Since this is a low-budget project, our price is $20 via paypal.
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