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Thread: Sea Mount in the Ghost Sea

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    Map Sea Mount in the Ghost Sea

    It is said that cataclysmic events shook the continents millennia ago when cultures long-forgotten ruled the lands.* They wielded mighty magics that protected the places of their dead.* Able to prevent water, dust and time from ravaging the past, their protective spells were said to last for aeons.
    A lonely island in the Ghost Sea is rumoured to hold the secrets to some of these lost mysteries.
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    This is really wonderful! I love how the island is so tiny and unassuming, yet underneath...

    Both versions look great, but the coloured one is definitely my fave. Just one crit, though... I would suggest unblurring the animals/creatures. I'm assuming you did that to show that they're further away (DoF blur)? But to my eye, it looks a bit odd and doesn't convey that very well. I think it would look much better with everything sharp and crisp.

    I was wondering, how do you access the cavern in the middle and the bottom-right? And what's stopping the bottom section from flooding?

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    Excellent, really cool idea.

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    Hey Neyjour,

    Thanks . Yeh the blurring was 'depth of field' in water. There are three elevels of blur to show things at three different distances, which maybe why it looks a little our of sorts... I liked the idea of doing it to suggest a more 3D effect... I need to play with this effect more.

    The caverns that dont have linked tunnels are 'fill' more than anything, but access could be from the front but you doint see it because of the cross section. Or natural voids (like toads in flint nodules kinda thing)

    The bottom tunnels are prevented from flooding my magical seals... its a fantasy maps and the tombs at the bottom were created by a powerful magocracy keeping their ancestors and items away from graverobbers

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