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Thread: Hello? I need a map?

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    Default Hello? I need a map?

    Hello all-I'm new here on the site, and believe me, I had to look kinda hard to find you guys. I hope I'm on the right forum...
    In the simplest terms, I'm in need of someone who can draw me a map.
    What I need is a map of an engineering lab. Specifically, a weapons engineering lab. Something out of heavy Sci-Fi and very futuristic, complete with at least 3 rooms that contain projects that even the owners (of the company who owns the lab) know that their "clients" would probably kill them to get their hands on.
    As a futuristic, sci-fi, para-military establishment, it needs to have multiple levels of automated, lethal security; As an engineering facility where geniuses are put to work, it needs to have all the "accutrements" necessary for a business-break rooms, bathrooms, supervisors' offices, etc.; And as a test facility where brand new weapons (the ones that are going to surprise even the clients who ordered them) are put through their final paces before the plans are sent to manufacturing, it needs to be, well, "thick-walled" to say the least.
    I realize I may sound like I'm asking a lot, but there is a reason that I, myself, can't actually draw any of it, which I will be glad to share with anyone who asks.
    Please, if you could provide me with a floor map of such a facility, let me know. I AM willing to compensate someone for giving me what I want-just let me know what you normally charge for your work!
    I can be reached at my email

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    You'll get better response if you post in the Mapmaking Requests forum. Be sure to read the sticky.

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