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    I spent this weekend created another map illustration for my upcoming tutorial guide book. Like all the others it was created in Xara Designer Pro 9, a vector drawing application, although the marine life in the shallows off the beach, the raft under construction on the beach, the stockade surrounding the hut on the cliff top, and the sunken sloop in the water were all created in 3D. I modeled them in Nichimen Nendo, my preferred subdivisional surface modeler, exported in .3DS format, imported to Raydream Studio (my old full 3D program) to render it with shadows, then imported that to Xara where I did all the image textures, and making parts transparent so it would be seen as partially submerged - the sloop that is.

    This is a castaway or a marooned pirate's home on a deserted tropical island.

    Here's the thread in the WIP forums when I was creating it, including versions of the 3D modeling as it was being done.



    Click image for larger version. 

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