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Thread: RPG Map: The Commonweath (An Island nation)

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    Map RPG Map: The Commonweath (An Island nation)

    First post here. I'd nearly forgotten that I made an account a year ago, just for browsing.
    But now, I've made a map, mostly following Butch Curry's Fantasy Cartography tutorial. It's my second attempt at mapping, so any critique is very welcome. As are any tips for my next attempt.
    The map's for an RPG I'm running. GURPS is the system, for those curious about such things.

    I was going for a watercolour, hand-drawn style. I understand that the map is quite distorted due to the paper's texture, that IS intentional. The player characters have an old, dusty map that hasn't been cared for. I am working on a cleaner, "newer" version; if they decide to replace it as the campaign progresses.

    Full Size Image Approx Image size: 7.5MB

    For comparison's sake, here's a map I made 2 years ago for a different game.

    Materials & Resources used:
    Photoshop CS4
    Bamboo Fun Tablet
    Superglue, when my tablet pen broke.

    Wooden Planks by Baq-Stock - Not used in current version.
    Sketchy Cartography Brushes by Starraven (also used in older map)
    Green Texture by dirtygentlemen
    Moss by Shardinite
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