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Thread: Novice cartographer from Minnesota

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    Default Novice cartographer from Minnesota


    A few days ago, I began to explore mapmaking more complex than doodling on spare computer paper, and found this site. Here's a little bit about me:

    I graduated college nearly a year ago, where I studied Global Studies, Religious Studies, Chinese("Anbairui" is my name from Chinese class, 安白瑞), and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I have a huge interest in language, and really hope to get involved in linguistics, translation, or interpretation someday. I love to read, and have been reading a lot of science fiction and fantasy lately. I was very close to my grandfather, who introduced me to J.R.R. Tolkien's books when I was younger. He was also deeply interested in space and science fiction. As I grew up, I found I have developed very similar interests. Lately I've been watching a lot of shows and listening to a lot of podcasts about astronomy and the universe. I am also a HUGE fan of A Song of Ice and Fire, currently reading through the series for the third time. I am one of those people that discusses all sorts of theories with friends.

    For several years, I've had several thoughts floating through my head, mostly imagined cities or pieces of unwritten stories. Lately, I've been trying to create something out of these thoughts, sharing and discussing with a good friend of mine. I've been sketching some very basic maps, trying to create a world to which these cities and stories can belong. I was so happy to find all the guides on this site for GIMP. Even though some of my first attempts have failed miserably, looking nothing like they should, I can see that I am already making progress.

    I am currently working as a substitute teacher in K-12 local schools. Because I am not needed every day (and also because my job is mostly glorified babysitting), I have a lot of free time to develop these thoughts. Soon, I will probably be an English teacher in South Korea, which I plan to do for a few years. Over the next few years, I hope to develop strong ideas that tie into my interests in language, history, religious traditions, global cultures, and science. That's more than just making a map, but it seems like this is a great community of like-minded people here. I'm glad to be here!

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    Welcome to the Guild Anbairui! Enjoy your stay, sure you'll find some nice people around and also some feedbacks and advices if ever you want to share your first mapping steps

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    Welcome to the Guild.

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