Several years ago, I created a world in my head that, over time, has expanded into a dream for an RPG setting. My end goal is to actually create the game as something others can play, and possibly get me some money, but as I lack the resources that doesn't seem likely. As such, this is currently an unpaid project, with the possibility of getting paid if I ever manage to get the game actually making money so I have something to pay WITH.

That said, what I need is a map of the continent of Cathorius. In my original plans, Cathorius is a primarily desert continent, but as I have poor geographic knowledge, I'm open to artist interpretation to create more logical geographic features. The core elements of Cathorius are it is a dead continent, with life struggling to survive due to large areas known as "dead zones", where life refuses to grow due to a complete lack of Magic in the area. As a main theme for Alterra (the name of the planet itself, and the setting), the entire world is saturated with magic, and areas lacking that magic are practically dead. This magic originated from a powerful wave that erupted from the center of Cathorius at the height of the final battle of a war roughly 1000 years ago, leaving a massive crack in the center of the continent known as the Devil's Scar (it would look like the earth was cut by an oversided blade), stretching for over a hundred miles between ends, with several miles between the sides. Around the Devil's Scar is the remains of the capital city of Cathorius.

Cathorius is a prison continent, used for the banishment of those who commit significant crimes. There are no major settlements on the continent, but there are several "villages" where the criminals have gathered together to survive.

I'm open to suggestions on improvements to the details beyond this, as long as these features are kept.

The style of map below is similar to what I'm looking for.

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Thank you in advance.