After searching for advice on the internet looking for advice on fantasy mapping, I stumbled upon this site. After looking through the awesome galleries and tutorials I thought I'd put up the progression of my map for the lands of Aquilonias and Infernian for the novel I am writing just now. My first attempt at computerising my old map:

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After a while I want to completely redraft the map. (Don't like the continent shapes too much, I need room for expansion and it's clear it was drafted on a piece of A4 paper, and it looks to much like Westros for my liking, despite the fact I made it then read A Game of Thones. ) Anyway I wanted to return to an ink-hand drawn piece for it, so I drafted this up on the computer real quick on paint:

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Yeah it was done pretty quickly as a rough sketch so I'm wondering about feedback perhaps on overall continent/country shapes. I know its not much, there's no mountains, settlements or rivers yet, but I plan to do another draft by hand with pencil and scan the results up for you when I do. Also: 1. The chalky grey smudges are mountains, bear with me! 2. The "mortlands" basically represents an area destroyed by a magical volcano several hundred years ago, think wasteland. 3. Blank spaces are for places I haven't thought about yet, such as the big land to the west, but I know I want to fill up (hence the expansion space). 4. I planned to do a scaled up map of Acarnvas (the island to the east) at some point because it is the focal point of my book.

Thanks for reading, and I'll get that second draft up as soon as I can!