Behold! My first attempt at a boat.

The "Sea Roc" comprises mostly CC3 and SS2 art, with some bits from the CSUAC (most notably the pier), and a pair of custom images (the "pit" views into the cargo hold). I'm not fond of the water texture, but I guess it's serviceable enough for now.

I'm still learning CC3, so it's still lacking in a lot of ways (this is only my 4th attempt at a map, and the first one I actually plan to "finish"). That said, I think I've got a lot of the basics down, and I'm looking for C&C on how to tweak this up to the next level.

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(Oh, and... I was thinking of putting together a tutorial on how I made the boat shape, since it took me a lot of trial and error. It's probably not the most efficient way, but if anyone's interested, I'll gladly share.)