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Thread: 10 x 16 Cavern Tiles

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    Map 10 x 16 Cavern Tiles

    I posted a thread about my Dungeon Tiles in this month's challenge on RPTools forum and someone asked me to create several 10 x 16 cavern tiles he needed for his next gaming session. I created 3. They are very much like my challenge cavern tile maps, just bigger.

    If you want to use them, please do.

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    Thank you very much for sharing those over here, and I love how beautifully they transition the textures. I can't rep you currently, but I'll catch up with you eventually.
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    I cant rep you either, but you deserve it. incredibly useful tiles. Thanks GP.

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    I can! Repped.

    They are great, and very handy. Thanks for those.
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    Awesome maps.

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