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Thread: Humble Request from fellow enthusiast

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    Default Humble Request from fellow enthusiast

    Hello Cartographers,

    I have a humble request from the community or admins. I love the way this is built but there's one flaw that I would like to highlight and perhaps help make the forums a little more stream-lined. We could use a separation of programs and hand-drawn. While I like to view all maps, made with programs and the sort I am personally a strict hand-drawn guy myself. I came here to get some new ideas for adding elements to my maps and be part of the community as a whole.

    However it seems futile searching for fellow-hand drawers among the sea of program cartographers. The tutorials aren't helpful to me and other discussions go above my head in terms of pixels per square in/ I am asking to see if perhaps there are enough people that would support a small section for hand-drawers to help each other out a little easier than digging through the forums trying to find one.

    I also don't mean to sound like I don't appreciate the help or artwork of the program users, and still enjoy viewing their work and find it impressive. Just a section for people who prefer paper and pen/pencil would be quite nice.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Hi Nordicblood,

    Welcome to the Guild I am myself a big fan of hand-drawn maps (and doing most of mine like this - though not in traditionnal ways but digital hand-drawing) - and many members are aswell. The sub-forums are though organized with several intuitive themes (regional/world maps, urban maps, subterranean maps etc.) that are easier to follow, especially with WIP works, rather than some medium/programs organization. Some would argue that a "Hand-Drawn" theme should be divided into , Pen and paper section, ink section, Watercolors section, digital hand-draw section etc. you see my point here We don't really want the forums becoming a hard labyrinth to cross and we have to feed most of the tastes here !
    Anyway, try the search function. If people use tags properly, you may find what you're looking for with it. Also, the best way to progress on your style and receive help, feedbacks, comments or advices is probably to throw in some of your current work in a WIP thread

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    Hey Nordicblood! I'm also mainly a traditional painter, and I very much look forward to seeing your maps, because there are as you say quite few around, both here and in general. However, I think there's a lot to be learned from digital artists even though you primarily work in traditional mediums. During the year I've ben active here, and I've learned a huge amount of things I don't think I would have if there had been a separation such as the one you suggest. While that would make it easier to find tutorials and such, we'd miss everything that might not be directly applicable to our work methods, but still can teach us lots

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