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    Info Grumpf's humble presentation...

    Hello mappers,
    I'm really pleased to have found this forum! We just started playing RPG again more or less one year ago after a pause of nearly 20 years...

    My pen and paper and expensive dice with black and white photocopy from the copy shop are now replaced with A3 laser colour goodness, computer music and eBay cheap RPG material! That's what happened when you skip 20 years (not to mention Doodle and GoogleDrive with emails, easier than using your rotary phone)!!!

    Aaaanyway, let me stop bothering everyone here (<--this is a lie...).

    I hope to contribute soon. We're playing our game based on the obscure DSA (The Dark Eye), particularly on a world called "Tharun" which appears to be inside the planet with a fixed sun ( This world was more or less abandoned by the creator of the game so I'm planning to release the general maps for it and mostly some dungeons.

    I'm now looking for underwater village and location maps, this proves challenging as there's no need for roads and, of course, it should be more or less 3d as the inhabitants don' have to stick to the ground (I'm thinking humanoid sirens tritons etc. the big classic).

    Any suggestions guys ?


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    DSA obscure? For this heresy you should be burned by Praios!

    DSA's Aventurien, and especially the maps, were my first great love in RPGs. I'm looking forward to see what you will add to it. Perhaps you might try to copy the famous mapping style?

    Great to have you here and enjoy the community!

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    Eh thanks !
    Actually I got some crappy maps already, problem is I can only publish what my players haven't seen yet, those little rascals know how to Google !
    Are you familiar with Tharun ?

    EDIT: Of course you're from Germany, for you this is not Obscure ! But for us (btw I'm French speaking) the last volume of Tharun was never translated

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    Totally awesome, man!

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