Hi folks.

Been working every now and then at the detailed heightmap of this world but I also spent some time in related projects (some hobby free time... which isn't as much these days as I would like it to be). One of them is this one.

With a fairly detailed map of the one continent, I could work a nice climate map as well. This I did, and then redid, and then again. And every time I added a little more depth and a better understanding of climate. I also used Geoff's Climate Cookbook everytime. In the meanwhile other members were also working on climates and I thought there could be more in terms of guidance for that. Hence, I thought I could, perhaps, redo my climate map in nice smallish steps and make it public.

Should the outcome and the process be of any "learning use", I will turn this into a pretty pdf for tutorial purposes..

So this is how I am doing it: