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Thread: City Map for 1980s/Miami Vice-style RPG campaign

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    Default City Map for 1980s/Miami Vice-style RPG campaign

    Hey everyone!

    First of all: Yes, this is a re-post*. Soon after my request was taken and the thread closed, the guy cancelled.

    So once again I'm asking for one of you to design the map for a 1980s-Miami Vice-style coastal city, please. Here's the style and overall feel I'm looking for.

    - the map size should be A1. We will print it. Otherwise, you retain full copyright.
    - despite the size, the map is low on detail. See the link above for a rough idea.
    - the campaign's gonna take place in 1986, and the map should emphasize this. That means go wild on the pastel and neon colors.
    - I will provide either a rough description of the city or send you a rough sketch - your choice. You'll have a good amount of freedom in the overall design, if you want.
    - There will be a small payment, but it's only gonna be 20€.**
    - Deadline is the end of May

    You can reach me at amazingderyck at gmail dot com. Hoping to hear from you guys.

    Best & Thanks,

    *I don't know this board's etiquette on re-posting vs. re-opening. Please let me know.

    ** Sorry, we're mostly students. :-/

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    Sorry to hear your last taker pulled out, Deryck. Let me know if you don't have any takers. Given the offer price, the map It will be very simply drawn and you can donate the price of the map to the guild to help its running costs.



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