Hey everyone!

First of all: Yes, this is a re-post*. Soon after my request was taken and the thread closed, the guy cancelled.

So once again I'm asking for one of you to design the map for a 1980s-Miami Vice-style coastal city, please. Here's the style and overall feel I'm looking for.

- the map size should be A1. We will print it. Otherwise, you retain full copyright.
- despite the size, the map is low on detail. See the link above for a rough idea.
- the campaign's gonna take place in 1986, and the map should emphasize this. That means go wild on the pastel and neon colors.
- I will provide either a rough description of the city or send you a rough sketch - your choice. You'll have a good amount of freedom in the overall design, if you want.
- There will be a small payment, but it's only gonna be 20€.**
- Deadline is the end of May

You can reach me at amazingderyck at gmail dot com. Hoping to hear from you guys.

Best & Thanks,

*I don't know this board's etiquette on re-posting vs. re-opening. Please let me know.

** Sorry, we're mostly students. :-/