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Thread: Map of Small Town or Large Village

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    Post Map of Small Town or Large Village

    I just did this today in about an hour. Got a lot of help from Pyrandons' tutorial. Let me know what you think...
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    I like everything except the river (the lake is okay). If the area is loaded with underground springs, then I guess the river is okay as well. If not, then I would ask "What is feeding all of those streams and the main river?" At this scale, I would have the main river continue off the bottom side of the map, and no streams (except maybe one coming from the left side forest).

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    For a quick map it's pretty durn good. My only "critiques" would be the roads (they look huge based on a assumed scale of the map in my head), and the river, just doesn't look quite right. But that is just my opinion and if that's what you intended, than it's all good.
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    I will have to agree with Steel. For a map that was completed in a hour, it's good. The river though looks as if it's floating on air and not embedded. Just a perspective issue. Great job otherwise.

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